Geochecker and Multichecker

The classic and the new way to check
solutions of a multi- or mystery cache.

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The classic checker


Who doesn't know the classic geochecker... You have a geocache where you have to calculate the coordinates in a very individual way and you want to offer visitors the possibility to check the solution in advance. Here you now have the option of having coordinates checked in WGS84 format, even on all mobile devices.

Normal coordinate

N 47° 11.075 E 009° 30.177

Normal coordinate (with tolerance)

N 47° 11.075 E 009° 30.177

The new checker


You have a multi or mystery cache and you always get requests if everything is right, but somehow there still seems to be something wrong. Here a new kind of checker is good, which gives you the possibility to check as many question/answer pairs as you want. You can also choose between 5 check types that tell the user what is right and wrong.

Correct or wrong
There are X from Y wrong
Exact indication
Exact indication (only 1 is wrong)
Exact indication (only 2 is wrong)

Many extra functions.

See here what you can do with Geocheckers and Multicheckers.


Own answer

You can leave your own answer for each checker if everything was correct.



For each checker you get a HTML code, which you can insert into the listing.



Via the logs, you can conveniently look back 30 days to see which answers were entered.



A graph shows you how much the checker has been used.


Test types

With the Multichecker you can choose between five different test types.


Question / Answer

For each Multichecker you can define as many question/answer pairs as you want.


If you have any question or problem, let us know it.